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Disability no barrier for new mom - thestar.com

Jun 17, 2008 ... "There's no reason a woman with a spinal cord injury can't go on to ... While she was intubated and unable to speak for 10 days, her mom ... www.thestar.com/article/444305

Breastfeeding Products for Moms with Spinal Cord Injuries

Apr 15, 2011 ... Breastfeeding Products for Moms with Spinal Cord Injuries. Breastfeeding is a challenge for most mothers, but for mothers with a spinal cord ... www.handicaphomemods.blogspot.com/2011/04/breastfeeding-products

Mom's in wheelchairs - Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis Community

Jan 7, 2011 ... I suffered a spinal cord injury at the c6/c7 level in August 09 as a result of a diving accident. I am an incomplete with full feeling and ... www.spinalcordinjury-paralysis.org/discussions/

Parenting & Families - spinalcord.org

Publishes newsletter, Parenting with a Disability (free). Outcomes of Post- Spinal Cord Injury Marriages Article from the Newsletter, Pushin' On. Reviews a ... www.spinalcord.org/resources/index.php?link=P&list=63

SPINALCORD: Pregnancy for Women with SCI - InfoSheet #14

Women with spinal cord injury or dysfunction (SCI/D) face a number of unique ..... training and research to families with either a parent or child with a ... www.spinalcord.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=22442

Parenting with a Disability

Parenting with a disability has its ups and downs, just as it does for all parents. Dianne, a mother with post-polio syndrome, reminisced about the day she ... www.fpg.unc.edu/~ncodh/orchid/pages/parenting.cfm  

Parents with Disabilities Online

Information, support and products for parents who have disabilities. www.disabledparents.net/

Infinitec - Parenting with a Disability

If you are a parent with a physical or mental disability or thinking of starting a family let the following special groups, some also offer support for ... www.infinitec.org/live/parenting/parenting.htm  

Disability and Child Custody - Disabilities and Disabled ...

However, there has been much progress on disabled parents and child custody laws as several courts have ruled that a parent's disability cannot be the sole ... www.childcustodycoach.com/disability-child-custody.php  

Child custody evaluations when one divorcing parent has a ...

And indeed, when we asked participants directly about how a parent's disability might affect their custody recommendations, we found no evidence of ... www.psycnet.apa.org/journals/rep/53/4/445.html 

Disability and Child Custody - Disabilities and Disabled ...

Disability and Child Custody - Disabled Parent Child Custody Laws and Child Custody and Vistation Laws for Parents with Disabilities. www.childcustodycoach.com/disability-child-custody.php