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I had a DUI accident on September 6th 1998, 1 month after turning 21.  This left me a C5/C6 complete quadriplegic.  I spent 3 months in the hospital and finally got home a day before Christmas.  By home I mean my parents living room after enjoying the freedoms of having my own apartment, car, and life.  After only a month at home I was back in the hospital after a cerebral hemorrhage due to pro longed AH.  After 6 weeks I returned to my parents house where I lived with my Mom and girlfriend, from pre-injury, for four years. 

I began attending classes at Harrisburg Area Community College in the fall of '99, it took me awhile but in the spring of '03 I graduated with an Associates degree in computer support.  In January '03 my girlfriend and I moved to Harrisburg and got married in May.  After looking for employment for a year at the end of summer '04 I decided to return to school, this time to Central Pennsylvania College to study in the Bachelor degree program for Multimedia and Internet Production.  It was also during this time that I was teamed with my service dog, a two year old yellow lab named Freedom. 

In the fall of '04 I got pneumonia and a blood infection and was hospitalized for 2 weeks.  Shortly after returning home to Harrisburg me and my wife got separated and I returned to live with my mom.  By the spring of '05, after 7 years of being disabled and feeling nothing from the chest down I had developed neuropathic pains throughout my body.

Today I live in Elizabethville in the down stairs of my Mom's house.  I have 2 terms left until my internship through school and then I will graduate at the end of next summer.  Upon graduation I hope to find a Webmaster position somewhere in the Harrisburg area.  If you would like to view some of my work I have my school work posted at http://www.davegrotzinger.com.

Dave's service dog.

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