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Peer Mentoring Training will be in 2 parts:
     1.  The Peer Mentor Training                
     2.  The Hershey Medical Center Volunteer Training

                PEER MENTORING - Overview 

What is the Peer Mentoring Program?  What is the job of a Peer Mentor? 


The Peer Mentoring Program at Penn State Hershey Medical Center is a program that is designed to offer a newly injured patient the opportunity to talk with a specially selected and trained person with a spinal cord injury who has returned to a full and meaningful life.  The program will promote the following goals:


1.         To provide a support system for all participants in the program.

2.         To provide a resource network for those with disabilities.

3.         To promote independent living to the level that is attainable.


A Peer Mentor experiences the satisfaction of sharing one on one with their protégé.  They are given the opportunity to tell it like it is.  Peer Mentoring can be a rewarding experience for all involved.



Peer Mentors work with individuals facing life circumstances similar to their own.  Although it is clear that the experiences of one person are never replicated in another, it is also true that the concept of "I have been there too" is a remarkably potent form of support and assistance.  When the "I have been there too" perspective is provided with appropriate helping skills an accurate pool of knowledge about disability issues, and a good understanding of the human personality, the possibilities for support and assistance are all the more effective.


As a Peer Mentor, you will take on the following tasks: 

*          You will be a role model.

*          You will provide information.

*          You will share your knowledge of 'how to's'

*          You will facilitate the expression of feelings.

*          You will know when professional help is indicated, and 

                   know your limitations.


You are each unique and you will work in different styles in your respective areas.  The thrust of the training program is to provide you with conceptual material as well as concrete tools that you can integrate and adapt to your needs and goals as a Peer Mentor.



If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor, please contact Nancy Lokey