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My Story


My name is Allison Goodhart and I am 10 years old. I am in 5th grade and live in Carlisle. When I was 18 months old I was hit by a car in the driveway. My mother didn't see me. I was in Hershey Medical Center for 8 weeks. I am now in a wheel chair and paralyzed from the waist down (T-10). I can do all the things kids my age do. I just adapt them my way. People are amazed at what I can do. I have a Service dog (John) he is really cool.

I like to swim.  I like to read and play on my computer. 

When I found out I was approved to receive a Service dog, I could hardly wait.  John and I trained in June and now we are a certified team.    John helps pull me in my wheelchair when my arms get tired.  He picks up things I drop on the floor.  He can open heavy doors for me.  I got John from Susquehanna Service Dogs


 I can swim without a tube.  When we have swimming at school.   I can flip off the diving board in the deep end if someone helps me out to the edge.   I went sking lastmonth and am going again.  I ended up on the adult beginner slope


The doctors told my parents that my injuries were life changing but not life threatening.  That is how I live my life.  You can do anthing anybody else can do.   It might take a little longer  but with a few adjustments you can do it.