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I am a 25 year old college student finishing up a degree in Aeronautical Science from LeTourneau University. After obtaining my four year degree I plan to get a two year network technology degree through Harrisburg Area Community College.  About two years ago, returning to school for my last two semesters, I was involved in an auto accident and suffered a C5-C6 spinal-cord injury. I started out rehab in Jackson Mississippi at the Methodist Rehab Center and later moved to Magee rehab in Philadelphia. Over all I spent five months in inpatient rehab and eight months in outpatient rehab.

I can now walk with the use of two forearm crutches but am getting a lightweight wheelchair so I can be more active and independent. I am a quad but have good movement in my right hand my left hand is still behind and doesn't move much at all. If there has been a trial or new product to gain function I have probably tried it and can help anyone who is curious and considering a new treatment.

Currently I am working out at the local gym with periodic help from my trainer Travis. My interests are computers, cars and anything with an engine, and firearms & hunting. I am looking to becoming more active and finding new hobbies and activities that match my abilities and also enjoy coming up with ways to help others enjoy the things they did pre-injury.

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