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Deon had his surgery to remove bone from his hip. Everything went really well.
They started with the anesthesia at about 11:30 and at about 6:30pm they called us in the waiting room to tell us that he was in his room and he was awake. He was very groggy but was able to carry a conversation. Dr. Goodspeed (wonderful by the way) said he couldn't believe the amount of bone that needed to be removed, therefor he could only do one of Deon's hips, the other he will do this Friday. After the surgery Dr Goodspeed said he was able to move Deon's leg 90 degrees--this is huge---when he said that it brought me tears of joy!! Deon hadn't been able to reach his toes for about one year now. They have him on a machine (while laying in bed) that constantly moves his hip and knee,almost like he is peddling a bike. Deon said after surgery that he felt good-no burning, no pressure, no pain THIS IS WONDERFUL!! This poor kid has been complaining about pain for over a year now. No wonder, all that bone mass in him was squeezing everything else inside of him. The only thing he did complain about was his throat. It hurt from the tube during the surgery--and he still complained of that today. He was able to get out of bed tonight to do bowel training and he did get very light headed and felt as though he was going to pass out. The nurses checked his blood pressure and they said it was very low. When he got back into bed he felt better.

Currently, we stretch at home and are looking for a place for rehab. We'll keep you posted!

Tara & Deon

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