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My Story

My accident happened July 06. I had a seizure and fell fracturing C6-C7.

Instantly I was aware of the loss of feeling from my chest down. I was transported to Hershey Medical Center via Life Lion.

After 2 weeks in surgical intensive care I woke up. While in I.C.U. a PT came to evaluate me. Because of my enthusiasm she decided to see me 3 times a week. She taught me about tenodesis and how to perform tasks that I once took for granted.

I was then transferred. That same night, while getting a breathing treatment, my lung collapsed and I ended up back in I.C.U on the ventilator again. Never in my life did I feel so much terror and honestly believed I was going to die. When I woke up I did not care that I could not feel. I was grateful just to be alive.
My husband could not cope. He would call me and make statements like our lives are ruined and I can forget about my dreams for the future. I said to him, I could have died or still be on a ventilator. I did not understand why he was not grateful for that. He called every morning knowing my O.T. was working with me. I would excuse myself and he would make comments like I'll let you go, I know she is more important than me. To say the least he could not deal with things. It was my hope once I was home things would get better. They only got worse. As a result I had to move in with my mother and am now going through a divorce. He dropped insurance on me and as a result out-patient won't accept me.

Daily I continue to lift weights and do my hand exercises. Three fingers on my right hand have returned to normal and my left is following. I am proud to say I am finally able to transfer on my own and everyday am getting stronger.

I have met so many loving and caring people through all of this. As a result I believe my accident was a blessing.

Today was a summer like day so we ventured out. I was not prepared for what happened to me next. All of a sudden I felt overwhelmed with emotion and tears came to my eyes. Sometimes it is easy to feel alone, even though in reality I know I am not.

I will end with a prayer I need to say more often. Thank you God for all that you have given me. Thank you God for all that you have taken away from me and thank you God for all that you have left me!

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