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Stephen Mitchell
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Remember, there is no guarantee against adversity!

So, if you ever get low and I mean really low

That's the time you start to grow.

And you don't give up, you get up

And you turn that tragedy into a triumph

And you turn that obstacle into an opportunity

The greater the pressure, the hotter the flame

The better you can become.


Meet Stephen Mitchell, injured playing Rugby in Chicago, 1987.  SCI is tough, however Stephen has the perseverance to live life as well as any abulatory person would. 


Finding a job was difficult and Stephen went through a number of bad situations.  However in 1994, he landed a job where diversity is embraced and has been there ever since. 


Antiques, antique cars, reading and traveling are some of the things that Stephen enjoys. 


Fortunately, Stephen has more movement than most quads, but “it is still a test of my mettle to take a shower, get dressed and get behind the wheel of my car”.  “Move it or lose it!” is his advice to those newly injured. 


Final advice from Stephen, “Advocate for the disabled even when the opposition doesn’t buy into it.  Shame is such a hard thing to swallow.”